What is NAFTA ?

NAFTA is an acronym for the free trade agreement between Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A. that allows goods to enter these countries duty free. Please note that you might not be paying duties but you will still pay Mexican sales tax. Give us a call and we can explain further.

Are my goods insured ?

Yes, all goods are insured. For details on coverage and deductibles, please give us a call.

I bought a house in Mexico. Can I bring my household goods ?

Yes you can. First, you must obtain legal residency from the Mexican Consulate. With it, you have a time limit of 6 months to bring your used household goods into Mexico. Call us and we can assist you in obtaining this important document and provide you with information about who you need to contact.. 

Besides my Resident visa, what else do I need to clear my used household goods?

You will need to provide a list with a detailed description of your items. This list must be typed both in English and Spanish. Please contact our office to request a sample of the list. We will provide Spanish translation.

How do I need to pack my items ?

It is very important to properly pack goods. If needed, we can also provide this service for used items. New goods are generally safely protected in original manufacturer's packing. Be sure to inform the seller that you are shipping to a warehouse for international shipping so they will leave in original packaging.

How can I benefit from NAFTA ?

As long as your items are clearly marked as made in Mexico, U.S.A. or Canada your duties will be much lower. Sales tax in Mexico might still apply.

Can you pick up goods in my home ?

Yes, we can provide transportation from certain areas. Please contact our offices to get further details.

What do I need if I want to ship only new items ?

You will need to provide us with copies of the original invoices. We take care of the rest.

I want to purchase new items but don't know where to go.  Can you help with this?

Absolutely! Give us a call and we will take you shopping. We have local vendors who, over the years, have helped other customers with furnishings as well as providing proper documentation to clear customs.

Can I bring new items with my Resident visa ?

No, this format only allows you to bring your used household goods. However, you can bring new items as long as you pay duties and taxes. Complex laws can be intimidating. With our 29+ years of experience, we can guide you through these obstacles and save you money. 

Have  more questions ?

Please contact us by either email, phone or through this website.  

How long does it take to get my goods delivered ?

Depending on your location, goods can be delivered within 10 days from the arrival time in our warehouse. Express delivery may be available if needed. Call or email so we may more thoroughly answer any concerns.

Can I purchase items and have them shipped to you ?

Yes, of course !! Be sure to have your vendor mark it with your name so we may identify and properly stage your shipment in our warehouse. Also, it is important to email us with information about your shipment so we can notify our warehouse of its expected arrival. 

How are duties and taxes determined ?

Custom Duties are determined according to numerous factors such as final destination of the goods,  description, value and origin of your products.

Frequent Questions